Plant Biotechnology Multiple Choice Questions MCQ 005

40. The precursors for the synthesis of nopalines in Ti plasmid is _____.
 A. phosphoenolpyruvate + amino acid.
 B. pyruvate + amino acid.
 C. alpha-Ketoglutarate + amino acid.
 D. oxalate + amino acid.

41. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding transposons?
 A. They are sequences of mRNA that can move around in the genome.
 B. They exist in corn, but are not found in the human genome.
 C. They are the most abundant type of repeat in the genome.
 D. All of the above are true regarding transposons.

42. The gene transfer technique involves a tiny needle that used to inject DNA into a cell lacking that DNA sequence is termed as _____.
 A. electroporation.
 B. liposome transfer.
 C. microinjection.
 D. particle bombardment.

43. The gene transfer technique involves the use of a fatty bubble to carry a gene into a somatic cell is _____.
 A. electrofusion.
 B. liposome transfer.
 C. laser transfection.
 D. Biolistics.

44. Which house is required to grow regenerated plants for further propagation?
 A. Green.
 B. Blue.
 C. Red.
 D. White.

45. The broad spectrum herbicide is _____.
 A. glyphosate.
 B. sulfonyl urea.
 C. phosphinothricin.
 D. imidazolinones.

46. Which amino acid is a derivative of glyphosate?
 A. Alanine.
 B. Serine.
 C. Valine.
 D. Glycine.

47. The carbon source used mainly in plant tissue culture is _____.
 A. sucrose.
 B. mannose.
 C. glucose.
 D. lactose.

48. The chemical compounds that are produced by the plants are known as _____.
 A. cytochemicals.
 B. histochemicals.
 C. phytochemicals.
 D. secondary metabolites.

49. Evans blue dye stains only ______ cells.
 A. dead.
 B. live.
 C. dividing.
 D. expanding.

50. Which compounds inhibits the spindle formation during the metaphase stage of cell division?
 A. Hydroxyurea.
 B. 5-fluorodeoxypurine.
 C. Colchicine .
 D. 5-aminouracil.


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