Plant Biotechnology Multiple Choice Questions MCQ 008

71. The transfer of desirable genes from one plant species to another is called as _____.
 A. rDNA technology
 B. genetic engineering
 C. plant genetic transformation.
 D. plant transformation.

72. The length of Ti plasmid is ______kilobytes.
 A. 20.
 B. 200.
 C. 2.
 D. 2000.

73. Which technique is mostly related to protoplasts that can be regenerated to viable plants?
 A. Electroporation.
 B. Gene gun.
 C. Microinjection.
 D. Liposome mediated.

74. Which region codes for proteins involved in the uptake and metabolism of opines in Ti plasmids?
 A. Promoter.
 B. Vir.
 C. Selectable Marker.
 D. Opine catabolism.

75. Which plants have been developed for expressing antigens derived from animal viruses?
 A. Tomato.
 B. Tobacco.
 C. Potato.
 D. Corn.

76. In which year, the first clinical trials in humans using a plant derived vaccine were conducted?
 A. 1987.
 B. 1997.
 C. 1977.
 D. 1967.

77. The phenomenon of mature cells in meristematic state to produce callus is _____.
 A. dedifferentiation.
 B. redifferentiation.
 C. totipotency.
 D. all the above

78. The ability of callus cells to differentiate into a plant organ is called as _____.
 A. dedifferentiation.
 B. redifferentiation.
 C. shoot-bud differentiation.
 D. meristem differentiation.

79. The enzyme that can easily release the individual cells from the leaf tissues is ______.
 A. macerozyme.
 B. lysozyme.
 C. zymogen.
 D. chymotrypsin.

80. Name the type of culture that involves the addition of fresh nutrient medium and draining out the used medium?
 A. Batch.
 B. Continuous.
 C. Discontinuous.
 D. Open continuous.


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