Plant Biotechnology Multiple Choice Questions MCQ 002

11. The small excised portion that are used to produce high mass of cells is _______.
 A. callus.
 B. explants.
 C. tissue.
 D. totipotent.

12. The callus culture is first demonstrated by _______.
 A. Gautheret.
 B. Nobecourt.
 C. Maheswari.
 D. Reinert.

13. What is the first indication for formation of callus tissue for outcome of cells?
 A. Cell division.
 B. Cell elongation.
 C. Cell expansion.
 D. Cell stringent.

14. Which plant growth hormones is highly required for growth of cell?
 A. Gibberrellin.
 B. Auxin.
 C. Cytokinin.
 D. Ethylene.

15. Which plant growth hormones is highly required for cell division?
 A. Gibberrellin.
 B. Auxin.
 C. Cytokinin.
 D. Ethylene.

16. Callus is yellow in colour due to synthesis of _______ pigments.
 A. carotenoid.
 B. anthocyanin.
 C. chlorophyll.
 D. phycocyanin.

17. A single cell or small aggregates of cells can be easily multiplied by __________.
 A. micropropagation.
 B. organogenesis.
 C. callus culture.
 D. suspension culture.

18. The production of ethylene is inhibited by specific antisense gene namely _______.
 A. glyphoshate.
 B. ACC synthase.
 C. ACC synthatase.
 D. lyase.

19. Which one of the following is responsible for fruit ripening?
 A. Glyphoshate.
 B. ACC synthase.
 C. ACC synthatase.
 D. Polygalacturonidase.

20. Which one of the following technique is used to produce Flavr Savr tomato?
 A. rDNA technology.
 B. Trangenesis.
 C. Antisense RNA technology.
 D. rRNA technology.


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