Plant Biotechnology Multiple Choice Questions MCQ 010

91. Which of the following are mismatched?
 A. Cell suspension culture-somatic cell embryogenesis.
 B. Protoplast isolation-hybrids.
 C. Homozygous plants-anther/pollen culture.
 D. Callus culture-differentiated tissues regenerate.

92. Plant transformation is _____.
 A. plant grown in culture generates increased genetic variation.
 B. plant cells in suspension cultures form individual embryos that can grow into plants.
 C. the incorporation of foreign DNA into the plant genome.
 D. dedifferentiated callus cells develop into tissue that is different from the original source tissue.

93. Which technique is used to introduce genes into dicots?
 A. Electroporation.
 B. Particle bombardment.
 C. Microinjection.
 D. Ti plasmid infection.

94. The cell-based plant technology involves the combining of two cells without cell wall from different species is referred as _______.
 A. clonal propagation.
 B. cybridization.
 C. protoplast fusion.
 D. mutant selection.

95. The delayed ripening tomato was created by _____ gene.
 A. altered.
 B. silenced.
 C. replaced.
 D. relocated.

96. Antisense technology _______.
 A. alters or transfers cells.
 B. combines genetic material from different species.
 C. combines organelles and cells.
 D. selectively blocks expression of a gene.

97. The plants with engineered abilities to detoxify pollutants are intentionally released in an area is called ______.
 A. microcosm establishment.
 B. phytoremediation.
 C. mibridization
 D. rhizosecretio.

98. Which plant can dies easily from Ti plasmid infection?
 A. Wheat.
 B. Corn.
 C. Millet.
 D. Tomato.

99. Transposons are ______.
 A. mobile genetic elements between homologous chromosomes.
 B. mobile genetic elements between non homologous chromosomes.
 C. non mobile genetic elements.
 D. recombinant genetic elements.

100. Ti plasmid type of gene transfer methods works with ______.
 A. fungi.
 B. dicots only.
 C. animals.
 D. bacteria.


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