- Human body has about 639 types of muscles.
- Muscles specialized to contraction are of 3 types: striated, unstriated and cardiac

Striated Muscles/Voluntary / Skeletal muscles

- Also called skeletal muscles.
- These muscles are mostly attached to bones by tendons and takes part in voluntary movements under conscious control of brain. Therefore they are called voluntary muscles.
- Each muscle fibre shows dark and light striations and is covered by a sheath, the sarcolemma.
- Its cytoplasm is called sarcoplasm in which are present large number of contractile myofibrils.

Unstriated Muscles
- These smooth muscles are involuntary muscles.
- Functionally they are of two types –single unit and multi unit.
- Single unit smooth muscles are present in urinary bladder and gastro intestinal tract.
- Multi unit smooth muscles are present in walls of large blood vessels.

- They are involuntary, striated and non fatiguedfibres which are found in the wall of heart where they form myocardium.


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