 Father of blood grouping Karl Landsteiner (Australian pathologist). He discovered A, B and O blood groups in 1900.

 Decastello and Sturle in 1902 discovered AB blood group.

 ABO system of blood groups is based on antigens and antibodies.

 Antigens: They are proteins and are found on the surface of RBC’s Antigens are A and B.

 Antibodies: They are produced in lymph glands and are present in blood plasma .

 AB: Universal receipient.

 O: Universal donor.

 RH factor: It is based on RH antigen. Discovered in 1940 by Landsteiner and A.S. Veiner. It discovered in Rhesus monkey. Rh+ can receive blood from Rh- but no viceversa.

 Blood transfusion technique was first developed by James Blundell in 1825

 Blood circulation by William Harvey

 Blood grouping – by Karl Landsteiner

 Inlargerons – Antiviral proteins increases immunity of our body by producing antibodies.


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