Bacteria Gram Staining -Microbiology Quiz 029

91. Aspergillus fumigatus can infect
a. Birds
b. Animals
c. Man
d. All of them
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92. Enterotoxin responsible for food poisoning is secreted by
a. Enterococci
b. Entamoeba histolytica
c. Enterobacteriaceae
d. Straphylococci
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93. Autolysis is done by
a. Mitochondria
b. Lysosomes
c. Golgi bodies
d. Peroxisomes
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94. A facultative anaerobic is
a. Only grow anaerobically
b. Only grow in the presence of O2
c. Ordinarily an anaerobe but can grow with O2
d. Ordinarily an aerobe but can grow in absence of O2
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95. The percentage of O2 required by moderate anaerobe is
a. 0%
b. < 0.5%
c. 2 – 8%
d. 5 – 10%
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96. Interferon is formed by
a. Lymphocytes
b. Lymphoblasts
c. Fibroblasts
d. All of these
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97. Pigment bearing structure of bacteria are
a. Mesosomes
b. Plasmids
c. Mitochondria
d. Chromophores
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98. Spirochete is
a. Gonococci
b. Strphylococci
c. Treponema pallidum
d. Streptococci
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99. Histones are found in
a. Prokaryotes
b. Eukaryotes
c. Viruses
d. None of these
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100. Cell wall of gram negative bacteria is
a. Thick
b. Lipids are present
c. Teichoic acids are absent
d. None of these
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