Bacteria Gram Staining Microbiology Quiz 025

51. Cows can digest straw because they contain
a. Cellulose hydrolyzing microorganisms
b. Protein hydrolyzing bacteria
c. Lipid hydrolyzing microorganisms
d. Amino acid degrading bacteria

52. The nucleus controls protein synthesis in the cytoplasm by sending
a. Chromatin
b. A DNA template
c. m RNA molecule
d. A pecialized protein

53. The site of energy production in a cell
a. Micro body
b. Chromosome
c. Ribosome
d. Mitochondria

54. Thylakoid is present in
a. Mitochondria
b. Chloroplast
c. ER
d. Golgi apparatus

55. Which one of the following bacteria has found extensive use in genetic engineering work in plants?
a. Clostridum septicum
b. Xanthomonas oriza
c. Bacillus coagulens
d. Agrobacterium tumefaciens

56. Maximum application of animal cell culture technology today is in the production of
a. Insulin
b. Interferons
c. Vaccines
d. Edible proteins

57. Bacterial ribosomes are composed of
a. Protein and DNA
b. Protein and mRNA
c. Protein and rRNA
d. Protein and tRNA

58. The potorespiration involves
a. Calvin cycle
b. Hatch-Slack cycle
c. Glycolate cycle
d. Kreb’s cycle

59. Bioleaching is done by
a. Protozoa
b. Bacteria
c. Algae
d. All of the above

60. Inclusion bodies diagnostic of rabies are called
a. Elementary bodies
b. Pascheur bodies
c. Negri bodies
d. Guarnieri bodies


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