Bacteria Gram Staining - Microbiology MCQ 028

81. Bacillus is an example of
a. Gram positive bacteria
b. Gram negative bacteria
c. Virus
d. Viroid
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82. Amoebic dysentery in humans is caused by
a. Plasmodium
b. Paramecium
c. Yeast
d. Entamoeba histolytica
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83. Viral genome that can become integrated into bacterial genome is called
a. Prophage
b. Temperate phage
c. Bacteriophage
d. Metaphage
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84. Cytochromes are
a. Oxygen acceptors
b. ATP acceptors
c. Electron acceptors
d. Protein acceptors
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85. The cells having F plasmid in the chromosomes were termed as
a. Hfr
b. F–
c. Hbr
d. C+
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86. Recombination process occurring through the mediation of phages is
a. Conjunction
b. Transduction
c. Transformation
d. Transfection
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87. Mordant used in grams staining is
a. Crystal violet
b. Iodine
c. Saffranin
d. All of these
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88. Parasitic form must contain
a. Capsule
b. Cell-wall
c. Endospores
d. Flagella
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89. Gram staining is an example for
a. Simple staining
b. Differential staining
c. Negative staining
d. None of these
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90. Following Cocci are non-motile except
a. Staphylococcus
b. Meningococcus
c. Gonococcus
d. Rhodococcus agilis
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