Bacteria Gram Staining - Microbiology MCQ 032

121. Bacterial locomotion is accomplished by
a. Fimbria
b. Flagella
c. Cytoskeleton
d. Both a and b
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122. Fimbriae are demonstrated by
a. Culture
b. Gram stain
c. Biochemical reactions
d. Haemaggulation test
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123. The motile bacteria is
a. Salmonella typhi
b. Klebsiella pneumoniae
c. Bacillus anthracis
d. Shigella flexneri
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124. Following cocci are non-motile except
a. Staphylococcus
b. Meningococcus
c. Gonococcus
d. Rhodococcus agilis
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125. Metachromatic granules are chemically composed of
a. Lipids
b. Proteins
c. Polymetaphosphates
d. Polysaccharide
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126. Metachromatic granules can be stained with
a. Saffranine
b. Methylene blue
c. Crystal violet
d. Pienic acie
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127. Bacteria multiply by
a. Spore formation
b. Simple binary fission
c. Conjugation
d. Gametes
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128. Bacterial spores are
a. Weakly acid fast
b. Strongly acid fast
c. Alcohol fast
d. Non acid fast
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129. Endospores can be stained with
a. Safranine
b. Crystal violet
c. Methylene blue
d. Malachite green
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130. The following bacteria produce pigment, except
a. Pseudomonas pyocyaneus
b. Serratia marcescens
c. D. pneumoniae
d. Staphylococcus aureus
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