Bacteria Gram Staining - Microbiology MCQ 031

111. Teichoic acids and Teichuronic acids are found in
a. Gram positive bacteria
b. Gram negative bacteria
c. Fungi
d. None of these
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112. Meosomes are
a. Kind of ribosomes
b. Formed during cell lysis
c. A part of cell wall
d. Principal sites of respiratory enzymes
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113. The characteristic shape of the bacteria is maintained because of
a. Capsule
b. Cell wall
c. Cell membrane
d. Slime layer
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114. Bacterial capsule is chemically composed of
a. Polypeptide
b. Polynucleotides
c. Polysaccharides
d. Polypeptides or polysaccharides
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115. The cell wall deficient form of bacteria is
a. Mycoplasma
b. ‘L’ form
c. Protoplast
d. Spheroplast
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116. Mesosomes are also known as
a. Mitochondria
b. Chloroplasts
c. Golgi complex
d. Chondroids
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117. The differences between Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria is shown to reside in the
a. Cell wall
b. Nucleus
c. Cell membrane
d. Mesosomes
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118. Capsule formation occurs in the presence of
a. Albumin
b. Charcoal
c. Serum
d. Starch
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119. The virulence determining antigens of microorganisms may be
a. Proteins and polysaccharides
b. Carbohydrate – protein complexes
c. Polysaccharide – Phospholipid – Protein complexes
d. All of these
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120. Organelles with hydrolytic enzymes are
a. Mitochondria
b. Golgi complex
c. Lysosomes
d. Ribosomes
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