Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Bacteria Gram Staining Microbiology MCQ 034

141. Chlamydiae can be stained better with
a. Ziehl neelsen staining
b. Castaneda & Machiavello stains
c. Giminez stains
d. Both b and c
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142. Algae means
a. Fresh water organisms
b. Sea weeds
c. Fresh water weeds
d. None of these
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143. The study of algae is known as
a. Algalogy
b. Phycology
c. Mycology
d. Bacteriology
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144. The free floating algae are known as
a. Phytoplankins
b. Benthons
c. Sea weeds
d. None of these
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145. Sexual reproduction of algae is carried by
a. Isogamy
b. Anisogamy
c. Oogamy
d. All the above
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146. In algae, advanced type of sexual reproduction is
a. Isogamy
b. Anisogamy
c. Oogamy
d. None of these
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147. Alginic acids and its salts are obtained from the wall of
a. Red algae
b. Brown algae
c. Green algae
d. Red and brown algae
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148. The molds obtained nutrition from dead and decaying matter which are called
a. Saphrophytes
b. Parasites
c. Commensals
d. None of these
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149. Most molds are capable of growing in the temperature range between
a. 0o – 25oC
b. 0o – 35oC
c. 10o – 25oC
d.10o – 35oC
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150. Examples for actinomycetes
a. Streptomyces
b. Spirillospora
c. Frankia
d. Dermatophillia
e. All of the above
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