Bacteria Gram Staining - Microbiology MCQ 030

101. Cytoplasmic streaming is present in
a. Prokaryotes
b. Animals
c. Eukaryotes
d. Both a and b
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102. The motile bacteria is
a. S. typhi
b. K. pneumoniae
c. B. anthracis
d. Shigella
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103. The stain used to demonstrate fungus
a. Albert
b. Nigerosin
c. Lactophenol cotton blue
d. None of these
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104. Exotoxina are
a. Heat labile
b. Heat stable
c. Part of cell wall
d. Polymerized complexes
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105. The viruses that attack bacteria are
a. Bacterial viruses
b. Bacterial pathogens
c. Bacteriophages
d. Various
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106. The size of virus particle may range
a. 0.02–0.2 ìm
b. 0.5–10 ìm
c. 0.015–0.2 ìm
d. 0.1–100 ìm
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107. The bacterial cell multiplication is usually by
a. Mitosis
b. Meiosis
c. Conjugation
d. Binary-fission
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108. Rod shaped bacteria are known as
a. Cocci
b. Comma forms
c. Bacilli
d. Plemorphic froms
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109. All the groups of bacteria have cell wall
a. Mycobacteria
b. Mycoplasmas
c. Clostridia
d. Rickettsia
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110. Thickness of cell wall ranges from
a. 9-10 nm
b. 12-13 nm
c. 10-25 nm
d. 30-40 nm
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