Tools in Microbiology Laboratory

II) Tools in Microbiology Laboratory
The most common equipment are inoculation needle, inoculation/transfer loop, Bunsen burner, autoclave (or pressure cooker), incubator, hot air oven, refrigerator, centrifuge, spectrophotometer, magnetic stirrer, orbital shaker, hot plate, Distillation water still, UV- lamp, water-bath, carbon dioxide cylinder, single-pan balance with weights (for rough use), chemical balance, pH meter, colony counter, laminar air flow, electrophoretic apparatus, microscopes etc.
1) Inoculation Needle & Inoculation Loop
The most commonly used tools in microbiology laboratory were the inoculation loop or wire. The wire loops are made up of inert metals like Nichrome and platinum which fixed into metallic rod that act as handles. The loop or wire is carrying a small amount of culture from the microbial colony aseptically. Both the loop and straight wire must be flamed before and after use immediately to avoid contamination. These tools are extremely strong and it was easily sterilized by incineration in the Bunsen burner flame.
2) Bunsen Burner
The laboratory tool are sterilized by using spirit lamp is known as incineration. Bunsen burner is worked by using gas supply, entering at the base of the burner and gas flow is regulated by the gas cock. It has sleeve that fits over the holes in the body of the burner and air flow is controlled by rotating the sleeve. The burner flame are blowing out from the special tip are frequently used to fit over the top end of the barrel. Generally in microbiological laboratory, tools like inoculation, wire etc., are used for the incineration. During any microbiological experiment in chamber or Laminar air flow Bunsen burner is indispensable tool to avoid the contamination.
3) Water Bath
Water bath is an instrument consists of an insulating box made up of steel which is used to provide the constant temperature. It has an electrode heating coil and the temperature is controlled by thermostat. Methylene Blue Reductase Test (MBRT) is the best known example for using water bath. In some of the water baths, plate form rotates, then it is called water bath shaker. These kinds of water bath shaker are very useful to provide the uniform and desired temperature heat to the samples constantly. It can easily clean by using disinfectant like phenolic detergent; can be added to the water. Raise the temperature to 90°C or higher for 30 minutes weekly once to decontamination the instrument.
6. Colony Counter
The colony counter device is used to count the number of small or tiny colonies or closely growing colonies on the surface of culture plate. It has a movable/ adjustable lens fitted on the box which helps to see and count the colonies accurately. Initially the culture plates are kept on the slanting platform, beneath the light source are available to illuminate the platform. With the support of digital reading meter number of colonies are counted, which are clearly displayed on digital board.


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