Thursday, 2 January 2020

Sterilization control:

Sterilization control:

·   Bacterial spores: The spore of Bacillus stearothermophilus is used as biological indicator is often autoclaved along with other material. After autoclaving, the ampule is broken and the culture incubated. If the test bacterium grows in the medium, which indicates sterilization not successful.
·   Chemical indicators: Such as pellets of sulphur in test tube or Browne's sterilizer control tubes may be used. At 120°C sulphur pellet gets melted red solution of Browne's tube turns red to green, it indicates device reach the desired temperature.
·   Thermocouple: It is a test article and the attached wire outside the chamber door it connects with a potentiometer to record the temperature directly. 

Hot air oven
            The instruments sterilize the specimens and articles worked on the basis of dry heat sterilization. The materials like glasswares forceps, scalps, scissors, throat swabs, syringes and also sterilize the fats, oils, powder etc., which are impermeable to moisture. It works in extremely high temperatures for adequate time to destroy microorganisms and bacterial spores. The commonly-used temperatures and time that hot air ovens need to sterilize materials is 170 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, 160 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes, and 150 degrees Celsius for 150 minutes.     
            The device are heated by means of electricity, and equipped with the thermostat that controls the temperature and the fan for the circulation of hot air inside the oven. The device has the digital panel to control or monitor the temperature of the device. The device is consisting of double-walled glass wool insulation that helps to keep energy to maintain the level of heat inside the cabinet whereas the outer layer is of metal. This device used in pharmaceutical industries to sterilize the medical tools and instrument, inside which consist of stainless steel double walled chamber. The hot air oven cabinet should not be overloaded and oven should equip with the fan to distribute the hot air eventually. After sterilization, device should be cooled before open the doors otherwise it makes the cracks on the sterilized glasswares.



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