TIME: 2 HOURS                               MAXIMUM:75 MARKS SECTION–A
ANSWERALLTHEQUESTIONS                              (5X5=25)
1. a) Give an account on any three non-symbiotic N₂ fixers. (or)
    b) Add a note on nif genes
2. a) Describe the phosphorus cycle (or)
     b) Give an account on sulfur cycle.
3. a) Discuss the Rhizobium. (or)
    b) Give an note on root nodulation.
4. a) Write short notes on cyanobacteria (or)
    b) Comment the biopesticides with suitable example
5. a) Discuss about difference between symbiotic & non symbiotic    microbes.(or)
    b) How does the organic matter decomposed?

ANSWERALLTHEQUESTIONS                              10×5=50
6. a) Explain in the detail about nitrogen cycle.(or)
     b) Write an essay on VAM
7. a)Give and detailed account on Biodegradation.(or)
    b) Explain about the microbial transformation of sulfur.
8. a) Describe about the Nitrogen fixation process.(or)
    b) Explain about the Trichoderma viridae.
9. a) Write a note on cyanobacteria.(or)
    b) Explain about the microbial transformation of sulfur.
10. a) Write a detail account on the process of leather environments.(or)
       b)Explain in detail the phosphorus cycle with neat sketch.


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