Laboratory Safety General Rules and Regulations 1

Laboratory Safety
General Rules and Regulations
To reduce the microbial population in the laboratory equipments at all times by the following steps.
1.While entering the laboratory, place the coats, note books and other belongings in allotted space like shelves or cupboard, should not place on the working tables.
2.During the laboratory working time, close the windows and doors to prevent the contamination.
3.At the beginning and end of the laboratory session, clean the working tables and the equipments by using the disinfectants
4.Don’t keep the contaminated equipments like, inoculating loops, needles, and pipettes, on bench tables. Contaminated instruments should be disposing or sterilized properly.
5.At the end of the lab session, all the microbial cultures and other materials should be placed in specified area in laboratory. Fungal cultures were disposed rapidly to prevent the dissemination in the lab environment.
The following regulations should be observed to avoid the accidental injury and any infection of yourself and others.
1.Upon entering and before you leaving the laboratory, clean your hands with disinfectants (95% ethyl alcohol).
2.Always wear the lab coat while working in the laboratory to prevent the contamination and discoloration by staining or other chemical solutions.
3.While you performing the lab experiments, wear the gloves to avoid the microbial contamination and accidental spilling of stains and other chemical solutions.
4.Use the mask, paper cap and safety goggles to prevent your face, hair and eyes from the microbes and other laboratory chemicals.
5.Wear laboratory shoes at all times in the laboratory environment.
6.Avoid applying cosmetics or inserting contact lenses inside the laboratory.
7.To prevent or reduce the contamination, do not eat or drink inside the laboratory and no mouth pipetting.
8. Always use test tube stand/rack for carrying the microbial cultures, when moving around the laboratory. And keep the cultures in test tube stand/rack on working table when not in use.
9. Avoid the unnecessary conversation and movements inside the laboratory that may prevent disturbance.
10.  Upon leaving the laboratory, check the equipments are in the proper location and gas, water and Bunsen burner were turned off. 
11.  Use the waterproof marker and small roll of masking tape to clearly label your cultures.
12.  If you spill or drop the culture remove properly like, cover paper towel over and saturate the disinfectant over the towel. Kept for 15 minutes and then clean with fresh paper towels. Should discard the contaminated paper towels in the proper receptacle and clean your hands carefully.
13.  Unnecessarily, do not open Petri dishes in the lab to prevent/reduce the contamination.
14.  Always keep the culture tubes (broth and slants) in upright position in rack and the basket for incubation or disposal.
15.  Use the solid waste materials in biohazard bag and should autoclave it prior to discarding.
16.  Treat all cultures as potentially pathogenic, i.e., flood areas with disinfectant if cultures are spilled, wash hands after contact and notify your instructor at once.


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